The Company

We are a full service production company, specializing in, but not limited to aviation content. Roger Tonry and Kevin LaRosa II have vast experience in all aspects of aerial filmmaking.  Tom Lowe, our highly experienced producer, rounds out the team.  To provide a turnkey solution, especially for client direct projects, our in house post production facility excels in editorial and color grading to finish our projects.

Motion Picture Production

3DF is in a unique situation, having multiple disciplines and capabilities in house. Whether the project requires a Learjet, L39, Phenom, Helicopter or drone as a camera platform, Kevin and Roger operate as a team of Pilot-Aerial Coordinator and Director-Cinematographer, so the creative vision remains consistent across all aerial platforms.

Beyond the coordination and selection of the appropriate camera aircraft, we also secure and manage aerial assets such as picture aircraft, specialty pilots, stunt players and airport locations.  3DF contacts and files all necessary FAA paperwork as required for each operation, which is conducted in accordance with our Aerial Motion Picture Manual.  We coordinate all aspects of production and support personnel as required along with any location fees and permits.

Our aerial services can operate as stand-alone productions, or as a break out aerial arm on larger projects.

Stock Footage and Background Plates

Our sister company, manages our large library of air to air footage of various jet aircraft available for licensing.  Our work has been placed in major motion pictures and television projects.  Some of our credits include “Hawaii Five-O”, “San Andreas” and “The Infiltrator.” In addition, we have footage of clouds and terrain shot from jets available for use as background plates for computer generated aircraft.


Following production, we often provide editorial services for many of our clients.  Airlines and aircraft manufacturers employ us to create demo reels for their new deliveries.

Color Grading

To finalize delivery, we provide color grading for our projects. Additionally, our color grading services are known among filmmakers and regularly enlisted on outside projects including music videos, commercials, feature film and television programs.  Our senior colorists, Arnold Ramm and Matt Lear are a couple of the most experienced colorists in the industry.